Tennis Leagues
Would you like to have a tennis league in your area that is not part of USTA? One with a customized set of rules, format and schedule? has been managing Tennis leagues since 2008. We currently manage two tennis leagues in Marin County, CA. The Twilight League and the Marin Mixed league. We also managed a third league for juniors.

The Twilight league is a social adult league with two divisions 6.5 and 7.5. Matches are played in the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday. It consists of MD, WD and MXD. The season starts in May and runs through July.

MarinMixed is a fall league and consists one 6.5 division. The format is four MXD matches.

The junior league is currently not active. The league had no pre-arranged schedule rather team managers were encouraged to make arrangements with other teams in the league to set up matches. Scores were posted and standings kept but there were no playoffs.

Non-USTA tennis leagues are just as competitive but with less pressure and people seem to enjoy them more. Yes, there are playoffs but the league can be structured such that all teams make the playoffs.

If there is interest among tennis clubs in your county to start up your own league contact us. We can either manage the league for you or provide a website where you can manage the league yourself. The league can be patterned after one of the above or set up however you wish.

Contact if you would like more information.