Tournament Features

  • Supports pool play with 3-6 games per team
  • Automatically generates brackets from 4 - 128 teams
  • Select from:
       a. single elimination
       b. double elimination
       c. single elimination plus consolidation bracket
       e. pool play only (showcase tournaments)
  • Supports up to 18 divisions with any number of pools each
  • A pool may have up to 12 teams
  • Teams from the same city and/or organization may be placed in separate pools
  • Automatically determines seeding based on pool play results
  • Generates team results, W-L record, points, runs allowed, runs scored, run differential
  • Generates seeding after all pool scores are in
  • Tie-breaker criteria can be customized
  • Load brackets with one click after all pool scores are posted
  • Displays seed numbers on brackets until seeded teams are known
  • Include game time and location on the bracket for each game
  • Post scores right on the bracket, winning teams advance on the bracket as scores are posted
  • In double elimination tournament, the losing team is moved to the second bracket automatically
  • Choice of print formats from 8-1/2 x 11 inch to 13 x 19 paper
  • Brackets are quick loading, no large images or PDFs