League Administration


Q. Do I need a Web site to use ReportScores services?
A. No, if your league does not have a Web site, ReportScores can provide a simple page with links to team schedules and standings.

Q. Would ReportScores.com have links to our league?
A. Optional

Q. Can one person post scores for all teams?
A. Yes, one admin password is furnished that allows one person to submit scores for all teams. This is in addition to individual team passwords.

Q. Do you offer the ability to display team rosters?
A. No, ReportScores does not display team rosters.

Q. How public would our stats be?
A. They would be no more public than they would be on your own server. Each Organization is assigned a unique 6 character account number. The account number is embedded in the Web address (URL) that accesses scores and standings on our server. Only with permission would ReportScores link to the Organization's site or stats.