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ReportScores.com's league admin tools makes it easy manage scores and standings for school and recreational baseball leagues. Instead of one person being responsible for collecting scores, with ReportScores.com Web services, the league's administration can delegate reporting of scores at the Division level or at the team coach/manager level. The delegated person reports the score online through a password protected, customized Web site. Team standings are updated instantly and available online as scores are entered.

In addition to standings, ReportScores.com services include online schedules and online customized calendars for each team. The league administrator's site permits posting of scores or schedule changes to any game plus management of user IDs and passwords.

As an option, a cumulative total of innings pitched and innings caught per player can be recorded at the time a score is posted. The task is simplified by selecting players from dropdown lists for both the home and visiting teams.

Recently added is the ability to display and manage single and double elimination playoff brackets online. Brackets show participating teams, field and game time. Administrator posts game results and the winning team automatically advances on the bracket. Having the brackets online greatly reduces the number of calls to the playoff/tournament director. Brackets are fast loading, no large images.

Web services by ReportScores.com are designed to work in conjunction with your organization's Web site. One link from your site is all that is needed. We provide one page with all links to schedule, scores and standings.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customer Feedback

"Its great", "I love it", "....fantastic" are typical comments received from people that have used ReportScores.com. Coaches that have used the service appreciate the convenience of being able to post the scores themselves. Teams have the benefit of viewing current standings, especially important during a close race. As the Administrator, your day to day tasks are greatly reduced.