League Administration

Set Up

Upon opening an account, the league administrator is provided with file templates that can be used on any spreadsheet program such as MS Excel. The templates are used to compile the following information:

  • The league schedule
  • The list of teams that will have scores posted.
  • A list of names, and email addresses of people who will be submitting scores for each team.
  • A player list (optional)
Once prepared, the files are uploaded to ReportScores.com using a browser. Our server generates usernames and passwords and emails them to the designated parties who will be submitting scores. That's all there is to it!

Coaches and the administrator have the ability to edit posted scores. The administrator has authorization to enter or edit any team score.

ReportScores.com provides dynamic html with text only. An organization may upload gifs or link to gifs on their own server for a customized look to their standings and schedule.